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Nick Howard is the founder and CEO of Poker Detox, a NLHE training company that launched in May 2016. In its first year Poker Detox produced 3 major public courses, and Nick began a side project attempting to train a selection of losing players, using a team-training format. By Fall of 2017, that “losers” team had proven itself successful and Nick had been able to refine his coaching methodologies to a point where he was ready to expand.

Poker Detox now functions as one of the most elite application-based staking companies in the industry, containing a crew of mind coaches and language-optimization experts that work to provide a full support system for students. The company achieved a high enough level of methodology that it became possible to tailor the Detox training system for players of different native languages and even different learning types. The result is a powerful combination of training exercises that highlight the necessary concepts while empowering the learner to choose his own path toward integration.

Applications for new team members are accepted several times per year, and in 2018 Poker Detox became the first training organization to offer guaranteed salaries to its players.

“I hope the efforts we‘ve made to build a strong support system for our players will set a new standard for coaching in the industry. Detox is a brotherhood and that’s the energy that allows our team to thrive. I’d like us to be a symbol for what healthy and efficient training looks like.”

-Nick Howard