About us


Founder & CEO of Poker Detox

I’m Nick, the founder and CEO of Poker Detox. I’ve coached poker players for over 10 years and formed this company in 2016, offering several elite training courses to the public. In 2017 I decided to shift the trajectory of our education into coaching for profits (CFP). CFP remains the most rewarding format of training that I’ve encountered, and at present the majority of my efforts are directed towards optimizing the performance of our cash game team. I’m all-in on developing personal relationships with each player on our team, with an emphasis on helping them cultivate healthier motivational systems that allow them to perform at their full potential. My goal is pretty simple: I want to help people play poker as well as possible, while providing them with the support they need to have a long and fulfilling career on and off the tables. I’ve built an environment that allows individuals to do that while providing a deep sense of belonging and a wide array of opportunities to contribute back to the development of their team.

To me, Detox represents a long-term vision, centered around a loyal network of friends who have achieved a high level of performance in a game they love. The freedom we obtain from our success in poker allows us to vacation all over the world to create memorable experiences together. It also sets us up for opportunities to build even cooler projects together in the years to come, far beyond the scope of poker!

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Chief Operating Officer

Gabe Roy is our Chief of Operations. After joining the team as a player back in 2017 and having a very successful start, he began taking initiative to help the company out in his free time. Detox was much smaller back then, with only about ten players under contract and one part time assistant, who was preparing to step down around the same time that Gabe was stepping up. Gabe slid in and was soon promoted to COO during the next company expansion, at which point he took over all ground level operations for the CFP team. Soon after, our players nicknamed him “The Machine” on account of his sickening work ethic, organization, and consistency. Gabe is the glue that holds the company together and it’s difficult to imagine how Detox could operate without him. At present his position as COO now extends well beyond ground level operations and he has truly become a “Jack of all trades” amidst our expansion.


Lead Strategy Developer

Patrick Howard is our lead strategy developer. Most of his time is spent using Hand2Note’s Range Research tool on large databases to continually improve our team’s strategy. He is also a full-time professional player.

  • After experiencing the team culture first hand in Barcelona during the summer 2017 team retreat he became interested and started helping out with various jobs at the company, even playing part time throughout 2018.
  • His scientific background gave him a passion for data analysis, and he began tinkering with larger and larger hand samples that were pushing the limits of industry software at the time.
  • In 2018 he created a course called Ether, which uses Hand2Note data to quantify the population’s bluffing frequencies across the game tree.
  • In early 2019 he started playing full time where he climbed from 200NL to 2,000NL over the course of a 6 month period using strategies built off of his research.

You can learn more about Patrick here.

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Co-founder & Lead coach for MTT division

Ivan Stokes is our lead MTT strategy developer and coach. Most of his time is spent on R&D and coaching, making sense of huge databases of information and distilling this into data-driven max exploit strategies.

  • Two-time Supernova Elite player at PokerStars – the second time completing the pursuit in just 3.5 months – the sixth fastest player in the world to reach the milestone that year.
  • Coached numerous players to Supernova Elite and the top of the global rankings for various SNG formats.⁣
  • In 2016 he built a small team of 10 players, the team making $600,000 that year. One of those students went on to reach a career high of#14 on the PocketFives world rankings.⁣
  • Only turning up for major series, Ivan managed two WCOOP final tables in 2018 and another three WCOOP final tables in 2019, and will be seen during the biggest series in the calendar this year.⁣
  • A self-confessed learning addict, Ivan has also completed Bachelor and Masters degrees from the University of Edinburgh and the University of Queensland, and is a fully certified personal trainer for fitness.⁣