Are you sick and tired of playing small stakes?

The Poker Detox 30-day Training Camp is the shift you’ve been waiting for. For the first time ever, we’ve collected the most powerful poker principles and spun them into practical exercises within a group learning format, available to anyone.

Train alongside others of a similar skill level by completing daily challenges and participating in focused group discussion. You won’t be learning random concepts from a training video made 5 years ago. These are structured, proven frameworks that have transformed the careers of players who were in the same position you’re in now. Over the last 3 years, our Cash and MTT teams have done more than $10M in profits over massive sample sizes. These are the results of our contracted players over more than 40M hands of play:


We created this program for the struggling players who have the work ethic needed to excel, but who have not yet been able find solid direction.

We know what it feels like to be brimming with ambition, but unable to find coaching that shows you exactly what you need to focus on each day. So we solved that problem once and for all.

30 days of high-power training that will transform the rest of your career

Designed for you to TAKE ACTION

Most poker courses are about “learning.” Unfortunately, that’s the reason why only 5 to 15% of students actually complete the courses they sign-up for.

The secret to progress is TAKING ACTION.

You have to have a mechanism for putting all these new principles, frameworks, and “poker tips” into practice.

And you need a way to be held accountable.

This is why the 30 Day Training Camp is also a “poker challenge.” Because as much as we teach, we also give you the tools, exercises, and opportunities to put those teachings into practice—each and every day.


“It’s not about rigid theory, it’s about gathering data”

It’s not enough to study, play, and then wait.

One of the biggest things we teach poker players how to do is take their strategy and then measure its success. We show you how to gather data, look at what works, and then double-down on the zones of the game tree that are clearly impacting your win rate. We also show you how to take your entire database of hands and notice overarching themes and trends—so that you can shorten your own growth curve and become a self-guided professional.

This will save you ten years of trial and error.

The vast majority of poker players think they know what good strategy looks like. But it isn’t until they start working with a data-driven strategy that they learn differently.

They learn that the way they thought the competition was playing, isn’t the reality.

And what they never would have guessed the right adjustment is, data is telling them that’s exactly how what needs to be done.

In the 30-Day Training Camp, we don’t believe in rigid theory.

We believe in measuring results.


Structured emails sent straight to your inbox


It’s one thing to read it. It’s another thing entirely to hear it live, workshop it, and then meet with like-minded peers to put those ideas into practice.

Once a week, we hold a live session with the entire group and walk through the overarching principles of the week’s strategy content. Then, we give players the chance to put it all into action and discuss real hands played. And the results are transformative.

  • People go from never having had a complete strategy before to amassing a huge arsenal of strategic weapons.

  • People go from approaching their career like a desperate pipe dream, to beginning to play the long game of steady execution and consistently winning months.

  • People go from unclear thoughts, rationalizations, and unstable decision-making to finally figuring out how to talk their way through a hand.


If you’re already a winning player and wish to apply for accelerated acceptance to our CFP program, head over to our Cash CFP page and fill out an application → Click Here

What you receive when you join

  • Daily cash game training content sent straight to your email
  • Weekly live calls with head Detox CFP training officers
  • Hand-picked exercises to help you train new strategy upgrades in key zones
  • Live Mindset Q&A session with Nick Howard
  • Accountability within a private Discord server led by top Detox coaching officers
  • Active support working on daily content


If you are willing to commit to 30 minutes each day for 30 days, you will not recognize yourself as a player by the end of this course. 

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100% refundable within the first 15 days if you are not satisfied 

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Curriculum Overview


  • Simplifying with data

  • Understanding variance

  • Preflop

  • Flop Strategy as IP PFR (2BP & 3BP)

  • Flop Strategy as OOP PFR (2BP & 3BP)

  • Flop Defense vs C-bet (2BP & 3BP)

  • Facing Flop XR •Fish Exploits

  • Turn C-betting as 3BP OOP PFR

  • River Bluffing Strategies •River Defense Strategies

  • Blocker Strategies


  • Opening Meet & Greet With Nick Howard and PD CFP Head Coaches

  • Behavioral assessment tools

  • Effective study resources

  • “Accessing Flow” + Live Call Q&A with Nick Howard

  • “Always Be Learning” – A Shift to Growth Mindset

  • Closing Mindset Q&A with Nick Howard

This is an overview of most topics covered in the first 30 days some will be 2-3 day modules. There will also be 1-2 content drops weekly throughout the 2nd month of the program. We’ve also built a volume challenge into the program and will be giving away somewhere between $2000-$2500 in prizes.


First 30 days

  • Daily content release

  • Staggered weekly live calls

  • Sundays (off day)

Following 30 days

  • Group remains open for accountability

  • Additional content to supplement your studies

  • 1 follow-up up live call to round it all out

We are only accepting the first 50 players who sign up for the October flight, so act fast!

100% refundable within the first 15 days if you are not satisfied 

If you’re already a winning player and wish to apply for accelerated acceptance to our CFP program, head over to our Cash CFP page and fill out an application → Click Here

*Warning* This program is not for total beginners and does not provide MTT content. This is for:

Micro and small stakes game players who have been playing consistently for 2+ years (live or online) 

Interested CFP applicants who don’t currently meet our acceptance requirements.


Say goodbye to the struggle. We’re looking forward to training with you!

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100% refundable within the first 15 days if you are not satisfied 

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