Poker Detox Elite

Course summary

Our program is a tailored, streamlined path to beating high stakes and nosebleed 6-max no-limit holdem cash games.

You’ll gain access to simplified game theory optimal protocols developed specifically for Detox Elite using proprietary solver data aggregation software, advanced database reviews for leakfinding, a complete exploitative map of the game tree discovered with mass database analysis, and 1-on-1 attention from our Elite coaches.

Program strategy

Our goal is to give you every resource you need to beat the toughest games online, without overloading you with needless complexity.

Rather than coach from the ground up, our program begins with advanced database reviews to find out exactly where your biggest leaks are. We’ll tell you where you’re missing opportunities to exploit your pool, and where you’re incorrectly deviating from GTO, so that you know exactly what to study.

As a member of Detox Elite, you’ll gain access to a network of like-minded poker players who are focused on high performance. We’ll also help you uncover mindset leaks and limiting beliefs with 1-on-1 mindset coaching.

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1-on-1 Coaching Philosophy

We believe that most private coaching sessions waste the student’s time by meeting up to review mixed strategy spots and checking them against PIO Solver. Our approach focuses on guiding the student to transform their game quickly with top notch strategy documents, while individual coaching cements those upgrades in place through constant reinforcement over an extended period of time.

That’s why Matt Marinelli’s approach to coaching includes daily support in Discord for everyday questions that come from hand histories, and also monthly database reviews to ensure you’re staying on the right path. Success for our students will come from this attention to detail in the micro guided by big picture habits uncovered in each session with Matt.

Each student will receive one database review with Matt per month for twelve months alongside daily Discord support.

What’s Included

Mobius Poker Journal
Simplified GTO Protocols
Extensive Database Reviews
The Network

Mobius Poker Journal

A complete exploitative map of pool tendencies, with simple instructions for how to quickly and accurately find the correct exploits. Developed by running mass database analysis on hundreds of millions of hands.

Simplified GTO Protocols

Created specifically for Detox Elite using proprietary software, our protocols achieve near-GTO exploitability using simple sets of instructions.

Extensive Database Reviews

You’ll receive ongoing database reviews with our leakfinding software to ensure you never veer off track from the curriculum.

The Network

Building a trusted, high power network is one of the most difficult things for a poker player to do. The goal of ‘The Network’ is to offer financial & community benefits to our high performing graduate players beyond their tenure.

Is our program right for you?

  • If you LOVE poker and you are serious about applying yourself to the game using a scientific method
  • You’re currently doing well in poker, but you have ambitions to crush even higher stakes
  • If you crave the support and positive influence of an elite community
  • You understand that to be truly successful in poker, your approach needs to be fundamentally different from the average poker player

Yes it is

  • If you’re in this for short-term monetary results and you already spend most of your time thinking about moving onto other ventures after poker
  • If beating low/mid stakes is “good enough” for you
  • If you are not interested realizing your full potential as a poker player
  • You prefer to study the same way the rest of the poker community is studying, because it’s more comfortable

sorry, we’re not for you

Still unsure?

About us


Lead Strategy Developer

Former PhD physics student turned Hand2Note and PioSOLVER data analyst extraordinaire. From 2019-2021, he developed data-driven strategies for Poker Detox cash CFP and led the team to over $5 million in profits.

His latest research involves developing custom software to analyze large databases of PioSOLVER solutions in order to find general heuristics for game theory optimal strategies.



Lead Coach

Poker Detox’s winningest player of all time. He joined CFP in late 2018 and quickly moved from 100NL to 2,000NL. He is well versed in Poker Detox’s strategies, but what sets him apart is his deep understanding of theory, gritty mindset, and ambition to beat the world’s toughest games.



Mindset Coach

Nick is a former Run It Once Elite Pro coach and has thousands of hours of experience coaching players at all levels, from low stakes to nosebleeds. His passion is to inspire his students toward endless improvement, both on and off the tables.


Matthew’s results

Gain access to

  • Advanced database reviews
  • Up to date research findings on pools trends at high stakes
  • Complex solver data transformed into simplified strategies
  • Opportunities for team and mindset retreats
  • Professional collaborations and friendships
  • Elite Network invites

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Frequently asked questions

Yes, you should be an established winning player at 500nl or higher and place a high value on being a part of a growth minded culture.
You should be prepared to dedicate a minimum of 25-30 hours per week to study and play. It’s preferable for students to have sufficient savings for life expense stability.
Detox Elite is an 18-month program. There are three months of weekly 1-on-1 training, followed by 15 months of ongoing support, including database reviews and new content.
Yes. Detox Elite does not offer staking.
Detox Elite currently accepts a maximum of 12 applicants per year. We are highly selective with who we take in order to build a community that is focused on peak performance.