Reloaded 1-on-1 Package

This package allows you to purchase 30 minute chunks of 1-on-1 access to me on WhatsApp, with a 48 hour guaranteed response time.

How it works:

We use the “voice notes” feature on WhatsApp to send audio messages back and forth. This format saves you time by creating a space that makes every response more intentional. WhatsApp also allows you to listen to me at faster playback speed.

Feel free to use text messages whenever you wish. I will sometimes use text messages if I need to deliver an idea with very clear wording.

All of our responses are automatically stored in perfect order, making them easy to revisit. Give each one a label so you can find them at a glance..

Ex: “How to stop doubting myself during a losing session.”

Now you can revisit the themes of that upgrade whenever you need a boost!

Last but not least, we completely eliminate the hassle of scheduling calls and coordinating time zones (because I know you hate it as much as I do).

I am in love with the WhatsApp voice format because it provides the perfect combination of attention and efficiency.

The Reloaded 1-on-1 Mindset package comes with a 48 hour guaranteed response time to all of your messages, because I know how important it is to get answers FAST.

Especially when you’re left with painful hand history questions from your session that day.

And that’s where this package goes above and beyond anything else on the market..

To make sure you become certain of your edge, my top data analysts from the Poker Detox CFP team are bulletproofing this service with cutting edge, crystal clear hand history support. This option can be used as a great supplemental resource to our hand discussion, since sometimes it will be helpful for you to see exactly how a hand models in order to strengthen your technical framework.

All you need to do is post a hand history in the chat and we’ll filter the scenario through our new 2023 population database. Then we will deliver you a full data-driven analysis including equilibrium or exploitative models, whatever you request. Outsourcing your most confusing hands to industry-leading data analysts is a poker life hack, and it’s why I appointed some of the best in the world for your package. Let my top analysts work for you.

Worried that the data doesn’t apply to a certain opponent in your games? Just show us why you think they’re different and we’ll show you how to decide which adjustments are safe, and which adjustments require a larger sample to justify.

*We offer HH response add-ons to this package. Not sure if you want it? Try out 5 hand histories and decide with zero risk, it’s 100% refundable.
This add-on is currently available for NL cash game players only.

Pricing and 100% guarantee:
The Reloaded 1-on-1 Mindset package costs $899 per clip 🔫, and is 100% refundable for up to 15 minutes of my personal talk time. To put that in perspective:

Loading one clip gets you 30 minutes of my personal WhatsApp talk time. This is worth 2-3 hours of live consult calls. Partly because your talk time is totally free, but also because WhatsApp allows us to speed up time. Here’s how:

  • Our discussion becomes highly intentional
  • Our responses become more direct
  • We can listen at faster playback speed
  • We never waste time scheduling
  • Every upgrade is neatly archived for review

When you account for the added efficiency, a 30 minute clip only ends up costing about $250 an hour in consult fees. But WhatsApp saves us hours of wasted call time with zero scheduling hassle. Plus it gives you perfect recording archives that you can revisit whenever you need a boost..

I guarantee a 48 hour response time to every one of your messages. (but I’ll often respond within 24 hours)


Why is this coaching format so insanely valuable?

  • It gets you FAST answers to your most painful questions
  • It eliminates ALL scheduling and time zone frustration
  • It’s gives you the OPTIMAL combination of attention and efficiency

PLUS a 100% guaranteed refund.

How to Start:

Just message “Reloaded and my name is..” to my personal phone:
WhatsApp (fastest response time) +1702-823-6106

Once I hear from you, I’ll answer any questions and we can build your package exactly to your liking.

Once we create your plan, you can test it out with a full refund and make your decision after you experience the upgrades.

Nick & Poker Detox

P.S. If you think you will use at least six hours of my response time over the course of 30 days, the VIP Unlimited package will cost you less than the Reloaded package. (6 hours is less than 15 minutes of my talk time per day). VIP also guarantees you a faster response time than Reloaded. I hope this information gives you more confidence to choose the option that’s right for you – now message me with the rest of your questions!