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Exclusive Training Packs

Mental Game Pack

  • Become more intelligent with your direction towards high stakes
  • Learn to expose and correct assumptions in your in-game thought process
  • Use Data Point Analysis to increase your decision making accuracy
  • 4.5 Hours of Content
  • 2 hr Crowdcast Q&A

Expansion Pack

  • Coming Soon
  • Available July 1st

The Preflop Blueprint

  • The Entire Preflop Game Tree Solution for 100BB 6-Max NLHE
  • Includes Heads-up and multi-way scenarios
  • Private Skype Group Access
  • MonkerSolver license not required

Nick Howard

Nick Howard, Founder and CEO

Who We Are

Poker Detox is a private coaching and staking company that is seeking to provide an environment for our players where they have the tools and support they need to become financially free through poker, while using it as a catalyst for self awareness and problem solving. We want to put our players in a position to take that awareness as far as they want to go, using poker as a vessel for personal understanding.

In the Community

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